Visit Abandoned Italian Lighthouses For Great Views And… Business Ideas


Abandoned Italian lighthouses in the south of the country open their doors for visitors this month. There are many of them across Bel Paese, all in stunning locations boasting spectacular views. The lighthouses are state property and have been slowly crumbling without proper care for decades. The government has launched a new project in hope to find private investors for this spectacular historic buildings, most of which were built in the 1800s and opened them for visits for a short time.

lighthouse in italy

The lighthouses that will be open for visits this month are located in some of the most beautiful areas in the country: on the beautiful islands of Levanzo, Ustica in Sicily, the Amalfi coast, on Isle of Ischia and the Tremiti islands.

lighthouse in italy

Visits are free and are organised in groups of 20 people at a time. To book a place you have to go to the Agency of State Property website where at the bottom of the page you will find two links: Scarica il calendario delle visite will open the calendar of scheduled visits, the other one, Scarica la liberatoria, will bring you to a booking form/release that has to be filled and emailed to addresses listed in the first document (I know, complicated, but this is Italy!). During the visit, you will have to wear sturdy shoes (no flip flops allowed!) and helmets that will be supplied.

lighthouse in italy

No children or dogs allowed as technically the lighthouses are considered dangerous as any abandoned building. But, hey, it is a little adventure off the beaten path and those sea views are will make you forget about any awkwardness or ruined hairstyles. If you really like the lighthouse you are visiting, you can even try to get a lease on it for 50 years for a very modest sum of money. The state is looking for entrepreneurs who can help to revive these historic buildings.

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  1. They are amazing, aren’t they? Apparently, there have been a lot of interest from people who would like to get a 50 year lease on those lighthouses. About 800 people have submitted proposals so far. Let’s hope these beauties will get a new lease of life and open their doors for public on a regular basis.

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