Video: A Rare “Blond” Bear Caught on Camera in Lombardy


A video of a rare “blond” bear rummaging for food in the woods of Val Bregaglia, Lombardy has been making rounds on the Italian Internet. A local farmer installed a camera trap to watch his flock of goats and caught the bear on video. The fluffy giant has a very unusual colouring that is although called by zoologists “blond” in reality is very light brown. This particular bear has never been caught killing livestock or getting too close to houses.

Local authorities warned residents and tourists to leave the beast in peace and not to venture into the woods trying to see the animal. Nature conservationists from the area advised those who are going hiking in Lombardy in the mountains of Val Bregaglia to attach small bells to their backpacks to make sure that the bear hears approaching humans and stays away. If you spot a bear never stop to watch it, quietly walk away as fast as you can without running. Make sure that you do not provoke the animal to get defensive as it happened in Trentino last year as a local mushroom hunter foolishly did (I have written about it here).

Enjoy the video and have a lovely green weekend, my readers!


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