Italian Postcards: Happy Easter from Abruzzo!


Easter in Abruzzo means La Pupa and Il Cavallo giant cookies. Each traditional bakery has their own recipe and shapes and I always find it difficult to choose one.

abruzzo easter

The tradition of baking doll- and horse-shaped cookies goes back to the 19th century (although, some say its roots can be found in pagan rituals). Grandmothers baked the sweet treats in the evening of the Holy Thursday and gave them to kids for Easter, dolls for girls, horses for boys. In old days, the doll and horse always had two strips of dough that formed a cross on their belly holding an egg. Today, the shapes, colours and size vary but one thing remains unchanged: kids still squeak with delight when they are given these delicious cookies and don’t wait too long to devour them.

Buona Pasqua a tutti!


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