Goodbye, Autumn!


November has drawn to an end. A few colourful leaves are still dangling on branches here and there but soon cold blustery winds will erase any bright hues. Winter is coming. As a farewell ritual I flicked through the photos that I have taken in the last two weeks in and around the Maiella National Park, gasping at the reds and yellows of the foliage and the intensely blue skies that November gave this year in Abruzzo. I want to share a few of them with you and wish you a lovely Sunday. Goodbye, autumn!abruzzo italyabruzzo italyabruzzoautumn abruzzo photoabruzzoabruzzo italy photoautumn italy photo



  1. Unfortunately that is as it all happens. What was beautiful disappears with the arrival of winter. We then proceeded to admire other beautiful things, like snow …

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