The Best Italian Beaches That You Might Not Know About


The Italian environmental organisation Legambiente published the results of its online competition “La più bella sei tu” (“You are the most beautiful”) for the best Italian beaches chosen by Italians themselves. Thousands of people went to the organisation’s website to cast a vote for their favourite beach. The results are certainly worth sharing, as the 19 beaches that Italians love are absolutely stunning and little known to foreign visitors. Many of the beaches are difficult to reach and far away from the usual noise of sun worshipers’ destinations.

The most beautiful beach voted by Italians is the sandy Baia degli Infreschi  in the province of Salerno in the Campania region. It can only be reached from the sea or on foot on a small winding trail surrounded by Mediterranean broom and fragrant rosemary shrubs. In the bay cold springs from the mountains flow into the sea and there are many cool little coves where fishermen kept their catch in the olds days.  During high season, the small bay is packed with boats and bathers, however, it doesn’t take away the beauty of the place. The beach has received high ratings in the Guida Blu, another great source for finding the best beaches in Italy.

italian beaches photo

Baia degli Infreschi, Campania

Among the top beaches loved by Italians is also Spiaggia della Scalea of Santa Domenica di Ricadi, Calabria, another stunning spot reachable only by sea or on foot. The beach is a mix of rocks and white sand, a great place for snorkelling.

The Buondormire beach in Salerno, Campania is quite isolated as it can be reached only by boat. It is known for its wonderful quiet atmosphere and golden sand.

The sandy beach of Dune di Sabaudia in Lazio stretches for 25 km separating four freshwater lakes (Fogliano, Monaci, Caprolace, Paola) from the sea. You are bound to find a quiet spot away from everyone here.

italian beaches

Cala Luna, Sardinia

The stunning sandy beach of Cala Luna, Nuoro in Sardinia sits under a majestic cliff like many other beaches on the list is reachable by boat or on foot. Fine white sand makes a stunning contrast with the bright turquoise waters. There is also a natural pool of fresh water right beside the beach. Not far is another place loved by the Italians in the know: the Bidderosa beach, a protected area. It has five small sandy coves surrounded by shrubs and pines that are never crowded as the number of people admitted daily is limited. You have to book a place one day in advance and bring your own food, as there are no bars or cafes.

italian beaches

Punta Aderci, Abruzzo

Here is the full list of the beaches voted by Italians as the best in the country:

Cala degli Infreschi, Salerno, CAMPANIA

Buondormire, Salerno, CAMPANIA

Punta Aderci, Chieti, ABRUZZO

Spiaggia della Scalea, Vibo Valentia, CALABRIA

Baia del Silenzio, Genova, LIGURIA

Dune di Sabaudia, Latina, LAZIO

Mezzavalle, Ancona, Marche

Marina di Pescoluse, Lecce, Puglia

Porto Selvaggio, Lecce, PUGLIA

Baia delle Zagare, Foggia, PUGLIA

Cala Mariolu, Nuoro, SARDEGNA

Cala Luna, Nuoro, SARDEGNA

Bidderosa, Nuoro, SARDEGNA

Compoltitu, Oristano, SARDEGNA

Lo Zingaro, Trapani, SICILIA

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Agrigento, SICILIA

Cala Faraglione, Trapani, SICILIA

Cannelle, Grosseto, TOSCANA

Colle Lungo, Grosseto, TOSCANA

Sansone, Livorno, TOSCANA


Photos by: Barca Aldebaran/Flickr, Vasile Cotovanu/Flickr, Anna Lebedeva/Green Holiday Italy.






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