Spring Festival in The Po River Delta, Emilia-Romagna


Spring in the Po DeltaEmilia-Romagna, is always beautiful. This year it is even better with 13 weeks dedicated to birdwatching, wildlife photography, cycling, nature tours and, naturally enough, to good local food.

The “Pimavera Slow” (Slow spring) programme has started this week and will run until June 22. Just looking at the list of planned events makes me so excited that I find it difficult to choose. There are so many things to do and see in the Delta Po!

Boat tours. Small electric and solar-powered boats will take visitors to narrow reed lined waterways that cannot be accessed with any other type of transport. The boats’ engines are very quiet, so you won’t feel like an intruder in this delicate ecosystem. Binoculars for nature watching will be provided.


Deer watching. Travel on an electric cart through the natural reserve Bosco della Mesola. This area is normally closed to the public. A naturalistic guide will drive you in an electric car to quiet places where you can watch the magnificent red deer.  


Birdwatching enthusiasts can choose from a range of boat tours in the Delta, cycle with the guide to the Comacchio Valley, or hop on a little nature train to reach flamingo nesting grounds.


Cycling tours. During pleasant rides in the Natural Reserve of Bosco della Mesola, the Comacchio and Ortazzo Valleys you will see stunning landscapes, rare birds and taste some seriously good food that Emilia-Romagna is famous for.

Walks. Discover the salt-pans of Cervia, the ancient pine woods of Ravenna and the surrounding wetlands, learn the traditional way of eel fishing, spot the roe deer in the Argenta Valley.



For more information follow the links above. Many tours will be led by English-speaking guides.

Happy green spring, everyone!

Photos by Primavera Slow and Po Delta Tourism.


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