Restaurants in Perugia Want to Reduce Food Waste


Italian households and restaurants waste a lot of food. 30% of groceries bought by Italians end up in rubbish bins, 15% of all bread goes the same way. When I came to Italy the first few times my native friends made funny faces when I asked a waiter to put the leftovers in a container for me as doggy bags are not widely used here. However, it is slowly changing. The city of Perugia in Umbria seems to be leading the trend of “no waste” policy. Three restaurants in the centre of the city have started offering their customers so called “Repeat boxes”, which are biodegradable containers made from sugar cane cellulose.


It is expected that more eateries will join this green initiative and will display on their menu a symbol of the “Repeat box”. This way the city is trying to contribute to the European target of reducing food waste by 50% in the next 10 years. So, if you happen to be in Perugia head to the Al mangiar Bene restaurant where they serve organic food, to Osteria Priori with its Slow food philosophy or Pachamama. If you get carried away and order more than you can eat (happens often in Italy!), ask for the “Repeat box”. Kudos to the restaurateurs for trying to reduce food waste and encouraging the use of the eco-friendly “doggy bags”!

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