“Made in Italy” – Google Virtual Museum of Italian Craftsmanship


Curious to know more about Italian crafts and traditions? Looking for the perfect gift for an Italy lover? The new online project from the Google Cultural Institute called “Made in Italy: digital excellence” will certainly help you.

Made in Italy” brings together 100 best foods and crafts of the country to create a virtual museum for the curious and web platform for the producers. It features a wealth of information: stories, pictures, videos, and historical documents about Italian craftsmanship.

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Straw hats from Montappone that Federico Fellini loved, Offida laceQuartirolo cheeseAltamura bread, – all these are culinary and artisan masterpieces that show the best of Italian traditions. By clicking your way through the virtual museum you will discover real gems, some of them are little known beyond Italy. Here I learnt about the hazelnut of Giffoni, a precious nut variety from Campania that was treasured for its aromatic taste since Medieval times. I also found out that the shoemaking traditions of Fermo province, Marche, go back to the 15th centuries and the local artisans were mentioned in Bocaccio’s Decameron.

made in Italy

The “Made in Italy” online project is the first step in establishing online presence for many artisan businesses. Apart from the web platform it includes a training course for Italian SMEs and 20 scholarships for digital entrepreneurs. There is certainly a growing interest for all things Italian as Google searches with keywords related to products made in Italy increased by 13% last year. However, Italian producers are still far behind their European colleagues regarding their digital presence as only a small percentage of them have a website or use e-commerce tools.

So go on, explore the “Made in Italy” virtual display. It is a fantastic tool for responsible travelers, which will help to prepare well for Italian adventures and find the best of the local treasures.

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