Donkeys Help to Keep a Village Clean in Liguria


Next time you are travelling in Liguria visit the small village of Montalto Ligure. Apart from beautiful churches and incredible mountain vistas you might also enjoy watching two donkeys, Limone and Gina, hard at work helping to keep the village clean.



The old paved streets were built in the 11th century and are too narrow for rubbish tracks to go from house to house. So this is where the centuries-old traditional means of transport comes to help. The two donkeys guided by their handler carry bags along the medieval alleys and lanes and take them outside of the village where bigger rubbish bins are installed. They collect plastic, paper and organic waste on different days. After work Limone and Gina rest in a comfortable stable which even has a security video camera.

The project is financed by the regional government that says that the four-legged transport is the only way to help the 364 inhabitants of Montalto Ligure with the waste sorting practice and save money on fuel costs for the municipality.

See photos of the donkeys here.

Photos by Davide Papalini

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