Video: Mama Marsican Brown Bear with Cubs Run for Safety


I want to share this lovely video with you. It was broadcast on an Italian TV channel and shows a female Marsican brown bear with two  cubs who were saved from a dangerous situation in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National park. The bear Stefania (most bears are given names here) was trying to cross a river and noticed that one of the cubs was lagging behind. A park ranger, who was filming the bear family, realised that the female bear headed towards the nearby road. We can hear the voice of the park ranger shouting “Go away!” to the bears to scare them off. The bears stand on their back legs trying to frighten the spectators but, at the end, the lovely trio runs away to a safe distance from humans and cars.

If you fancy possible personal encounters with Marsican brown bears check out the bear watching tours run in Abruzzo.

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