Mafia-free Beach Opens in Sicily

A new free beach is open near Palermo, Sicily. If you try to make your holiday in Italy as responsible as possible this is THE beach to go to. It is managed by a movement called Addiopizzo, which works to bring to Sicily life free from mafia ties.

This part of the beach in the coastal town of Capaci was abandoned for 25 years. The volunteers and members of Addiopizzo went through a lengthy bureaucratic process of obtaining permissions, cleaning the area and setting up everything for organising a beautiful free beach that was finally open a few days ago. Its name is very symbolic – Sconzajuoco, which means in the local dialect “party pooper’ or ‘killjoy’ in the sense that there is no joy to be found for mafia here, their party time is over. It is a known fact that many seaside establishments (and not only) have to pay protection money, or “pizzo” in Italian, to the Mafia to be able to run the business. However, the Sconzajuoco beach is mafia-free!



All furniture on the beach is recycled. There is a bar selling products, which are guaranteed mafia-free. Access to the beach is free. Renting an umbrella and two beach loungers costs 9 euro per day, an umbrella without beds – 3 euro.

The sunset on Sconzajuoco is absolutely amazing!

Photos by Addiopizzo

3 thoughts on “Mafia-free Beach Opens in Sicily

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