Bikini Ban on Amalfi Coast

Seaside town of Vietri Sul Mare on Amalfi coast bans bikini and bare chest outside of the beach. Local newspapers cited the mayor of Vitetri Franco Benincasa saying that the law is not new. It was passed three years ago but  it wasn’t really enforced. However, from now on, anyone baring too much flesh in public places, be it a local resident or tourist, will face a fine from €25 to €500 (depending on the amount of flesh exposed, perhaps?). A police spokesperson assured the media that there will not allow embarassing situations with half-naked sun worshippers entering bars, restaurants and shops.


Vietri Sul Mare

A bikini ban is not new in Italy. Another sea town, Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples passed a similar law in 2010, outlawing sunbathing or undressing in town.

It doesn’t happen often but this time I agree with the Italian authority! Enjoy Italian beaches but throw on a t-shirt or a dress when in town and show your respect for those around you!!

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