Scuba Diving Near Rome


When holidaying in Rome make sure you include a day of scuba diving in Secche di Tor Paterno, the only marine protected area in Italy that is totally submerged in the water.

Situated about half an hour train ride from Rome, the area of Secche di Tor Paterno is not very large (about 3 x 4 km) but boasts a huge variety of marine life and depths of 60 metres. Here you can see bautiful Gorgonia rossa, rare types of coral, fish such as murena, conger, sea-devil. Dolfins can be spotted in Secche di Tor Paterno quite often.

scuba diving rome

scuba diving rome2

Navigation and fishing are forbidden in this area. But scuba diving and game fishing with a special permit (you wil have to release the caught fish) are welcome. Scuba divers have to be accompanied by accredited guides (by law these underwater tours are non-for-profit). Most of the diving centres can be found in Ostia Lido. Scroll down to the bottom of this page on the Secche di Tor Paterno website to see a list of them.

scuba diving rome3

Photos by Secche di Tor Paterno.

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