New Chicks of a Rare Bird are Born in Abruzzo


More great baby-birds news: first chicks of Kentish plover (‘il fratino’ in Italian) have been born in the protected area of Torre del Cerrano, Abruzzo.

These little birds are considered rare and protected across Europe. Their number is decreasing as plovers are threatened more and more by human presence on sandy beaches where they normally nest. The reserchers and volunteers of the Torre del Cerrano area put protective nets around the birds nests to make sure that people do not disturb them.


The presence of the Kentish plover on the beach is a good indicator of a healthy coastal eco-system. So, this little bird is a kind of nature’s equivalent of a Blue Flag awarded to quality Italian beaches, although only bird lovers can spot it.

kentish plover

Photos by:, Wikimedia Commons.

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