Discover Alta Murgia National Park on a Bicycle


Parco Nazionale dell’Alta Murgia in Puglia offers mountain bicycle hire for groups from 4 to 10 people. The price is 15 euro a day per person and includes a tour guide, who will take you to the best paths in the park.

alta murgia

Alta Murgia National park covers 68 000 hectares of steppes, valleys and ravines. Medieval castles, farmhouses (masseria) built in XV century, churches are scattered in the park offering some of the most enchanting views in Puglia. Here scientists have found a fossilized skeleton of a prehistoric man, who lived 150 000 years ago, dinosaurs’ footprints and 400- 500 thousands years old animal fossils. Here you can watch the most endangered bird in Europe, Naumanni falcon, hawks and buzzards.

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For bigger groups the park offers eco-friendly 15-seater mini-coaches

More details on bike rentals are here.

Photos by Cosmo Andriani

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